Female Deficit in Asia: Trends and Perspectives

International conference, Singapore, 5-7 December 2005

Organized by CEPED - CICRED - INED

Hosted by the Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis





Local organization

Before Singapore

Travel preparation

  • Nationals from countries (such as Bangladesh, India, China, Georgia etc.) require a Singaporean visa. Please check on this website for detail and request an invitation letter from the Asian MetaCentre in advance (Ms Verene Koh Hwee Kiang: arikohhk@nus.edu.sg).
  • Application for a visa can be made at any Singaporean consulates (see the list and procedure )
  • Reserve your seat to Singapore well in advance as December is a busy month in Singapore.
  • Invited participants are requested to submit ticket information well in advance as travel will reimbursed by the shortest/cheapest route. Direct air connections are available from Bangalore, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, etc.
  • No hotel reservation required for invited participants. The organizing committee will book your room. Other participants should inform the organizers about their dates as soon as possible for individual reservations in the same hotel.

Submission of your paper

  • Your paper should be submitted no later than one month in advance to seminar1205@cicred.org
  • Your paper should submitted in one file (including tables, graphs etc.) in a WORD or PDF format. It must not exceed 25 pages.
  • Confirmation of your invitation will follow the reception of your paper by the secretariat (invited participants cannot come without previous submission of their papers)

Preparation for your presentation

  • In view of the number of expected papers (25+), participants will be given a very brief time for presentation (20 minutes)
  • Participants are expected to bring a Powerpoint presentation on a CDrom or on a USB storage key
  • Participants will be requested to discuss at least one paper related to another region

Reimbursement (selected invited participants only)

  • Tickets will be reimbursed to selected invited participants upon submission of the detailed invoice, air ticket and corresponding boarding passes. Reimbursement will done by international bank transfers (bring your bank details).
  • A per diem allowance will be paid to selected participants. A lump sum (terminal expenses) will also be paid to cover other expenditures (visa, taxi, insurance...)
  • Any extra charges (double room, telephone, laundry, beverages, extension of stay in Singapore, etc) will be borne by participants.

Once in Singapore

Seminar venue: (Chinatown, Singapore)


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