CICRED is a non-governmental organization accredited with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Founded in 1972, CICRED serves as a platform for interaction between research centres and international organizations, such as United Nations Population Division, United Nations Population Fund ( UNFPA), World Health Organization ( WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO).

As the main network of centres working on population issues, CICRED brings together more than 700 registered institutions worldwide and aims at developing all forms of cooperation among its members fostering innovative and quality research and wide diffusion of its findings.

  • General Secretary: Hartati AYRAL ( INED) - ayral
  • Programme Officers:
    • Silvia HUIX-ADAMETS - adamets
    • Pierre CHAPELET- chapelet
  • Consultants and associates: Christophe Z. GUILMOTO (IRD), Isabelle ATTANE (Ined), Graziella CASELLI (La Sapienza), Jacques du GUERNY, Susana LERNER ( Colegio de México), George MARTINE (UNFPA), K. NAVANEETHAM (CDS), Ian POOL ( Un. of Waikato), André QUESNEL (IRD), Mathieu ROCCHI, Frédéric SANDRON (IRD), Alex DE SHERBININ (CIESIN), Dominique TABUTIN (UCL), Eric VILQUIN ( UCL), Zewdu Woubalem (APHRC)
  • Interns:
    • Aurélien SEURON
    • Côme du MAS des BOURBOUX
    • Mathieu ROCCHI

Cicred General Assembly was held in Tours on July 2005.
More than 70 representatives of Centers have participated in this Assembly.

At this occasion, two events were organized :

  • CICRED Council to review CICRED's activities and future plans;
  • Nominating Committee for the Council's renewal.

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This picture was taken during our first seminar in Trinidad and Tobago in 1973. You may recognize J Bourgeois-Pichat, N. Iskandar, T. Kuroda, William Brass, KC Zachariah, G. McNicoll, Paul Demeny, Ph Hauser, etc


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