The CICRED digital library consists of the complete collection of digitized CICRED books and monographs published from 1973 until today.

Within each collection, publications are listed chronologically except for national monographs which are given by country order.

Each digital document consists of the entire publication (including its cover page) in PDF format.

A selection of recently received publications from the population centres across the world...

CICRED publications have been sent to the libraries of major population centres in the world. They are also available for download here from our website in PDF format.

If you however need a further paper copy of our publication for your centre, please fax us a request on letter head with the name of the requested publications. When available, publications will be sent to you by postage. Only a limited number of publications may be sent this way and priority will be given to institutions and researchers from developing countries.


Since its creation, CICRED has been active in facilitating collaborative research and promoting new research agendas: Population growth target, International migration, Infant mortality, Family planning, Institutional development, Poverty, Education, Reproductive health, etc.

To enable the creation of an international network for the storage and retrieval of population information, it was felt necessary to adopt a classification of publications using a set of descriptors: the Multilingual Population Thesaurus prepared by CICRED in collaboration with the United Nations Population Division provides this common structure. The digitized thesauri are available for Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish languages.

This innovative programme was launched by CICRED in the wake of the World Population Year in 1974. Each collaborating national institutional was commissioned a national monograph on the main dimensions of population growth and composition. The resulting series consists in a collection of 56 monographs which serve today as a landmark for studying demographic change in these countries over the last decades.

CICRED recognized early on the implications of demographic transformations such as ageing and international migration on the economic and social prospects in different country settings. Two different programmes were devoted to population ageing –with the International Institute on Ageing (INIA) in Malta– and to the impact of migration in the receiving countries International Organization for Migration in Switzerland. More than twenty national monographs were published covering a large array of countries in the world.

Several CICRED publications resulted from FAO-sponsored research on onchocerciasis in Western Africa and on the relationship between population dynamics and land tenure in a selection of developing countries.

This series illustrates CICRED's concern for the policy-related issues that are debated during our regular seminars and conference. While some of the participants' discussions and recommendations have often been incorporated in the proceedings, this series intends to provide a separate document focusing on policy implications of the seminar's topic.

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