Female Deficit in Asia: Trends and Perspectives

International conference, Singapore, 5-7 December 2005

Organized by CEPED - CICRED - INED

Hosted by the Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis






Draft papers available for download: China, India, other countries

Programme of the Conference: Provisional Programme

papers and documents
Conference Synthesis
Bossen, L
Missing Girls, Land and Population Controls in Rural China

Chen, Wei

Sex Ratios at Birth in China

Li, Shuzhuo, Feldman, Marcus et al.

Female Child Survival in China: Past, Present and Prospect for the Future

Jiang, Quanbao, Attané, Isabelle et al.

Son preference and the Marriage Squeeze in China-- An Integrated Analysis of the First Marriage and Remarriage Market

Lavely, William

Sex Selective Abortion, Hidden Girls, or Infanticide? Explaining the female Deficit in a Chinese County

Wu, Haixia, Li, Shuzhuo et al.

Social Network and Son Preference of Rural-urban Migrants in China: A Study of Shenzhen

Yuan, Xin, Tu, Edward Jow-Ching

High Sex Ratio at Birth and Female Deficit in China

Zhou, Yun, Zheng, Zhenzhen

Sex ratio of reported birth between 1910 and 1969 in China

Zheng, Zhenzhen

Interventions to balance sex ratio at birth in rural China


Agrawal, Sutapa

Discrimination from conception to childhood: a study of girl child in rural Haryana, India

Arokiasamy, Perianayagam

Sex Ratio at Birth and Excess Female Child Mortality in India: Trends, Differentials and Regional Patterns

Bhat, PN Mari and AJ FrancisZavier

Factors Influencing the Use of Sex Selection Technologies and Sex ratio at Birth in India

Bhargava, Pradeep Kumar , Hiremath, G.M. et al.

Proximate determinants of sex ratio and its regional variations in India


Pre-natal Sex Selection in India: Case Study of a Policy Advocacy Initiative

Guilmoto, Christophe Z,

Spatial regression and determinants of juvenile sex ratio in India

Larsen, Mattias, Gooch, Pernille et al.

Uncertainty and Discrimination, vulnerable daughters in a modernising society

Sekher, T.V. et al.

Vulnerable daughters in a modernizing society: From 'son preference' to 'daughter discrimination' in modern India

Visaria, Leela

Female deficit in India: Role of prevention of sex selective abortion Act

Unisa, Sayeed et al.

Measuring Sex selective Abortion in India: Evidence from Haryana

S. Sudha, S. Khanna, S. Irudaya Rajan, Roma Srivastava

Traditions in transformation: Gender bias among the Nairs of Kerala

Other countries: Bangladesh, Caucasus, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam etc.
Doo-Sub Kim, Yoo-Jean Song
Does Religion Matter?
A Study of Regional Variations in Sex Ratio at Birth in Korea

Dung, Vo Anh, Le Thanh Son, et al.

Sex ratios at birth in Vietnam and some localities: Current situation and comments

Graham, Elspeth

Son preference, female demographic deficit and Singapore's fertility transition

Hong Xoan, Nguyenthi et al.

Marriage Migration between Vietnam and Taiwan: A view from Vietnam

Le Bach, Duong et al.

Transnational Migration, Marriage and Trafficking at the China-Vietnam border

Meslé, F., J. Vallin, I. Badurashvili

A sharp increase in sex ratio at birth in the Caucasus. Why? How?

Nurul, Alam, Van Ginneken, Jeroen et al.

Decreases in Male and Female Mortality and Missing Women in Bangladesh

Tiodora, H.S., Gouranga, Dasvarma et al.

The Masculinization of the Sex Ratio in Indonesia

Wen Shan Yang, Ying-ying Tiffany Liu
Gender Imbalances and Twisted Marriage Market in Taiwan

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