Female Deficit in Asia: Trends and Perspectives

International conference, Singapore, 5-7 December 2005

Organized by CEPED – CICRED – INED

Hosted by the Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis


The conference will be held in Singapore at the Asian Metacentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis on 5-7 December 2005. Centers and scholars working on population are invited to communicate to the conference secretariat a proposal on this theme. All centers and scholars working on population are invited to communicate to the conference secretariat a proposition of communication on this theme. The conference is organized by CEPED, CICRED and INED in order to promote South-South and North-South exchange with support from the Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis, Singapore. Paper topics relating to all social and demographic aspects of female deficits in Asia are welcome.

Please note that due to this high level of interest, and the fact that our budget will be limited, funding will be mostly limited to participants from research centers located in developing countries and we anticipate that the selection of papers will be very competitive. No more than one participant per research centers may be sponsored.

Submission of proposals

The conference Committee accepts only electronic submissions by email. The email should be addressed to seminar1205@cicred.org with an attached file in Word format including the following information:

  • Name
  • Title/position
  • Current institutional affiliation
  • E-mail, Postal address, Telephone, Fax.
  • A one-page CV
  • A description of research activities (if any) conducted in your research centre related to the topic of conference
  • Title of Paper
  • Abstract of Paper (a summary of the paper of 200- 300 words): this abstract should include the topic of your paper, its geographic coverage, its sources, the methodology used and other relevant information. 

Key dates

Deadline for submission of paper proposals: 1 June 2005

* Note: The scientific committee may suggest minor adjustments to the proposed papers.

Notification of acceptance: end of June 2005.

* The organizers will provide, upon request, mailed or faxed invitation letters to support an application for a visa. Travel funds may be limited and participants are invited to explore all funding opportunities. Note: Obtaining a visa can take a long time, and we urge participants to begin the process immediately upon notification of their proposal's acceptance.

Final papers should be submitted to the Committee before 30 October 2005.

*Earlier submission is however strongly suggested in order to facilitate travel arrangements. Please note that travel arrangements will be finalized only after reception of the final paper (and copy of their visa when required).

Help for accommodation in Singapore may be offered to participants with their own funding by the conference staff.
  • Dr. I Attané, Ceped/Ined, Paris (scientific coordinator: attane @ ined.fr)
  • Dr. CZ Guilmoto, Cicred/IRD, Paris (scientific coordinator: guilmoto @ ird.fr)
  • Prof. PN Mari Bhat, IIPS, Mumbai
  • Dr Annabel Desgrées du Loû, Ceped/IRD, Paris
  • Prof. Gavin Jones, Asian Metacentre, Singapore
  • Dr Li Shuzuo, Xi'an University, Xi'an
  • Dr. J Véron, Ined, Paris

Information and contact:

Conference-related correspondence should be addressed to: seminar1205@cicred.org

Main conference website: http://www.cicred.org

Secretariat:       c/o Cicred

133 Boulevard Davout 75980 Paris cedex 20 France
Phone: 33 1 56 06 20 19


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