Mortality as Both a Determinant and a Consequence of Poverty and Hunger

Seminar held in Thiruvananthapuram , India : February 23-25, 2005

Centre for Development Studies
, Thiruvananthapuram.

Organizer :
Dr Navaneetham ( ) with Ian Pool and G Casselli

With funding from UNFPA


 author papers and documents




Elsa Perez

Causes of death of the less than 5-year-old population of the South Pacific Region of Mexico, 1990-2002


Rogelio J. Lopez Cousin

Profile of the Changes in the Levels of Mortality in the Republic of Panama, for Country and Indigenous District and Some Considerations Related to Poverty and Health, Period: 1990-2000

Rania Roushdy

Urban Poverty and Child Mortality: A Case Study of Households and Neighbourhoods in Cairo, Egypt

Benoit Libali

Impact des funérailles sur le cycle de la pauvreté et de la faim à Brazzaville en République du Congo

Josefina V. Cabigon

Poverty: the Cause and Consequence of Philippine Mortality

Omas Bulan Samosir

Comparative Study on the Effects of Socio-economic Factors, Industrialisation, and Urbanisation on Mortality in Indonesia and Japan

D. Narayana

Perception, Poverty and Health: A Contribution

P.K. Bhargava

Poverty Linked HIV/AIDS as Determinants of Mortality: Evidence from a Community Based Study in Karnataka, India

D. Jayaraj

A Preliminary Analysis of the Relationship between Generalised Deprivation and Infant Mortality in India

Xiaoying Zheng

Regional Difference of Mortality in China

Bintiwatie Soedhwa

Longitudinal Analysis of Possible Links between Poverty and Mortality in Suriname

K. Navaneetham, J. Sunny

Poverty, Malnutrition and Mortality in South Asia: A Review of Issues and Options

Alieu Sarr

Mortality, a determinant and a consequence of poverty and hunger in West Africa

Kesaia Seniloli

“They Are Digging Their Graves with Their Teeth”: Mortality, Poverty and Nutrition in the Pacific


Policy Paper (draft version)

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