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Local Organization


Your arrival in Nairobi


  • Local currency is the Kenyan Shilling (Ksh). It is easy to change Euros and US Dollars in Kenya.
  • The rates were in June 2007: US Dollar = 66 Ksh; Euro = 89 Ks
  • Your per diem allowances will be paid in Euros (accommodation including breakfast is directly paid by CICRED)
  • You can change money at the Fairview Hotel
  • Most banks have ATMs to withdraw money with Visa (MasterCard is less common)
Visa at the airport
  • Visa can be obtained at the airport on payment of 50 US$ in cash
  • Airport is about 20 km from the Hotel
  • Arrival to nairobi
  • You'll be picked from the Airport by drivers from Incentive Travel (APHRC travel agents)
  • taxi drivers will be waiting at the airport 20 minutes before the arrival
  • The Fairview Hotel is well-known to Nairobi taxi-drivers.
  • Departure from nairobi
  • Pick up from your hotel 3 hours before your flight's departure.
  • Airport tax to be paid at departure
Seminar venue:
  • FAIRVIEW HOTEL The Country Hotel In Town
  • address: BISHOPS ROAD, P.O. BOX 40842, 00100-GPO - NAIROBI
    TEL:  254-20-2881509
    ;   254-20-2881000; FAX:  254-20-2721320


  • Weather is Nairobi is cool
  • Daytime temperature should be 20-25°C (68-75° F), but chilly at night

Security issues (adapted from the UN website)

  • Crime in Nairobi has been increasing like many other large cities. To avoid being a victim of crime, observe the following commonsense rules: Keep to the main parts of Nairobi and to the main roads and avoid short cuts down back alleys, etc Never walk at night in the centre of Nairobi even for a short distance - always take a taxi. Be particularly wary of people hanging around outside hotels; it is a favourite place to catch tourists and mug them .Ignore the street children and people coming up to you in the streets with long stories. Street children can become violent and the latter may be part of an elaborate scam or they might just simply be pick -pockets. The best thing to do is just to walk on and ignore them.Do not carry large sums of money when shopping and do not wear expensive jewellery, etc.
  • Credit card fraud is common in Nairobi: Try and ensure that credit card slips are endorsed in your presence.


for further information, feel free to contact:

  • Nkatha Karichu (APHRC) – 254-20-2720400-2 (Office) or 0722 886 557 (Cell phone)
  • Julia Ombasyi (APHRC) – 254-20-2720400-2 (Office) or 0722 779 762 (Cell phone)
  • Anne Kinama (Fairview Hotel) - 254-20-2881509 or 254-20-2881000

Website of Kenya Tourist Board

Read the local newspapers


Preparation before Nairobi


  • Visa requirements vary and are dependent on the visitor's nationality.
  • Participants must first check with the nearest Kenyan Diplomatic Mission on whether they require visa in advance .request an invitation letter from APHRC in advance (Ms Live Emmanuella Muringa-Katabarwa:
  • Application for a visa can be made at Kenyan consulates (see the list of consulates) and require a visa form
  • Please not that some participants might need a transit visa in case they travel through some countries such as the USA.

Travel bookings

  • Reserve your seat to Nairobi well in advance .
  • Invited participants are requested to submit ticket information well in advance as travel will reimbursed by the shortest/cheapest route to Nairobi .


  • No hotel reservation is required for invited participants. The organizing committee will book your room (participants should inform the organizers about their dates as soon as possible ).
  • Help for accommodation in Nairobi may be offered to participants with their own funding by the conference staff.

Paper submission

Submission of your paper

  • Your paper should be submitted before 1 May 2007 Your paper should be in word (or PDF) format with less than 30 pages Your paper is to be sent by email to (with copy to Alex de Sherbinin) .
  • Confirmation of your invitation will follow the reception of your paper by the secretariat (invited participants cannot come without submitting their papers)

Preparation for your presentation

  • In view of the number of expected papers (20+), participants will be given a very brief time for presentation (20 minutes)Participants are expected to bring a Powerpoint presentation on a CDrom or on a USB storage key
  • Participants may be requested to discuss one paper related to another region

Reimbursement (selected invited participants only)

  • Tickets will be reimbursed to selected invited participants upon submission of the detailed invoice, air ticket and corresponding boarding passes. Reimbursement will done by international bank transfers (bring your bank details).
  • A per diem allowance will be paid to selected participants. A lump sum (terminal expenses) will also be paid to cover other expenditures (visa, taxi, insurance..)
  • Any extra charges (double room, telephone, laundry, beverages, extension of stay in Nairobi, etc) will be borne by participants.


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