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Urban Population, Development and Environment Dynamics




Call for Paper Proposals


The Committee for International Cooperation in National Research in Demography (CICRED), in collaboration with the Population-Environment Research Network (PERN) and the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) of Columbia University, is organizing a workshop in Africa focused on urban population, development and environment (PDE) dynamics in developing countries. The organizing committee is seeking policy-relevant papers that accurately present some aspect of the current PDE dynamics in a given urban agglomeration (i.e., case studies on specific cities based on original research), the findings of which can be applied to solving problems associated with rapid urbanization in contexts of high poverty and growing strains on the environment and natural resources, as well as to promote policies to achieve Millennium Development Goal 7 and its associated targets (see Bremmer & Bilsborrow 2005).

Abstracts addressing the following subjects are welcome: migration to urban areas, informal and slum settlements, spatial aspects of urban development, intra-urban transportation, vulnerability to hazards, urban metabolism, nutrient cycles, water and sanitation, waste disposal, environmental health, air pollution, water pollution, urban ecosystem processes, marine and coastal issues, and externalities of urban areas (‘urban footprints’). Please contact the organizing committee prior to submission if your research falls outside these domains (see below). The following criteria must be met:

  • papers should have a clear demographic component;
  • papers must clearly identify the population dynamics, development context, and environmental issues, and the interplay of all three;
  • papers must identify the policy implications and potential solutions to problems associated with rapid urbanization; and
  • the research must either be completed or close to completion.

Papers employing innovative methodologies (e.g., integration of data through GIS analyses, utilization of remote sensing, or integration of survey data) are particularly welcome. For examples of cutting-edge research topics, please see the background paper and expert contributions to the PERN cyberseminar on " Urban expansion: the environmental and health dimensions".

Lead authors will receive funding from CICRED’s PRIPODE project to participate in the Nairobi workshop. Selected papers will be synthesized for a special section of the UNFPA State of the World’s Population Report, and the best papers will be published in an edited volume following the workshop.

Please note that due to this high level of interest, and the fact that our budget will be limited, funding will be mostly limited to participants from research centers located in developing countries and we anticipate that the selection of papers will be very competitive. No more than one participant per research center may be sponsored.

Submission of proposals

Registration is closed

Key dates

Deadline for submission of abstracts :13 November 2006

* Note: The scientific committee may suggest minor adjustments to the proposed papers.

Notification of acceptance: 15 January 2007

* If your p2/05/077 concerning both the acceptance of your paper and the availibility of travel funding. Full funding will be reserved to participants from developing countries. Participants are encouraged to identify other sources of travel funding. The organizers will provide, upon request, mailed or faxed invitation letters to support an application for a visa.

Final papers should be submitted to the Committee before 1 May 2007

*Earlier submission is however strongly suggested in order to facilitate travel arrangements. Please note that travel arrangements will be finalized only after reception of the final paper (and copy of their visa when required).

date: 11 - 13 June 2007

venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Scientific committee:

  • Alex de Sherbinin, PERN Coordinator (scientific coordinator)
  • Christophe Z Guilmoto, CICRED/IRD
  • Jean Christophe Fotso , APHRC
  • Frédéric Sandron, LPED/IRD
  • George Martine, PRIPODE/UNFPA
  • Jacques Véron, INED

Information and contact:

Conference-related correspondence should be addressed to:

Main conference website:

Secretariat:       c/o CICRED

133 Boulevard Davout 75980 Paris cedex 20 France
Phone: 33 1 56 06 20 19 Fax: 33 1 56 06 21 65


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